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Buying a hoover

HooverThe humble hoover has to be one of the commonest household appliances and has been around in one form or another for many years. However, hoovers have come a long way in that time and some of the best models on the market these days bear little relation to the inefficient early ones. Better still, cheap hoovers are now everywhere and come with a whole array of different specifications.

If you’re on the lookout for the best deals and offers on a new vacuum cleaner then the ideal way to go about it is to spend time carrying out a comparison of the different models that you’re interested in. Reading up on consumer reviews that you can easily find online is another great way of finding out which vacuum cleaners get the job done best. Prices may well be keener than ever in 2012, but you’ll still want to make sure that you’ve got the best hoover for your needs.

So, if you’re planning to buy a new vacuum cleaner this year then it’s certainly a good time to pick one up, with plenty of cheap deals and offers on some great new models. It’s well worth taking the time to compare the different products and specifications, along with the all important prices, keeping in mind that hoovers now come in a whole range of different shapes, sizes and sport different capabilities depending on what they’re going to be used for.

Which hoover is best?

It’s a common question to ponder over - which vacuum cleaner will fit the bill best of all for the cleaning duties in your home or business, because although the cheapest models might get the job done to a certain degree, there’s a real need to ensure you have a hoover that’s powerful enough for all the cleaning tasks. Reading those reviews of vacuum cleaners will soon give you an indication from other consumers about which models are best for your needs, but it’s also good to think about the different style of hoover you want too.

After all, there are different designs of hoover on the market, with options such as going for a bagless vacuum cleaner, or upright and cylinder variations on the concept, which is probably the place where you’ll want to begin your comparison. Naturally, there are plus points and downsides for both hoover types, but the comparison process and reading of reviews will ensure you pick the right model before you buy. There’s also a degree of common sense that needs to be applied to purchasing a new hoover too.

For example, you’ll want to think about weight and how portable your vacuum cleaner model will be. If you’ve got a house with stairs then it’s well worth considering the potential of a lighter cylinder model vacuum cleaner, which could mean less physical effort is required when cleaning through. Similarly, you might also think about the sort of hoover you’ll need to cope with pet hair and the like. Upright cleaners are said by many to be really good at lifting this sort of material due to the way they are engineered with special motorised brushes on-board.

Different hoover types

When you compare different hoover types then there are several common denominators that will make your search all the more simple. So you’ll want to familiarise yourself with the various things to look for in a new vacuum. All hoovers come with filters, for example, and you should check the cost of spares for this part of the vacuum cleaner and how often they will need replacement during the lifetime of your hoover. Vacuum cleaners reviews sections online will also help give you more advice on this front.

The other practical point of a new hoover is that of storage, so check what sort of hoses come with the models that you’re looking at, because while cylinder hoovers might be less generously deigned for holding hoses and nozzles, the upright hoovers that are on the market will often be a little more spacious and therefore allow much more freedom when they’re not in use. This is an important consideration if storage space for your new hoover is going to be tight.

Next up, you’ll need to investigate what your proposed vacuum cleaner will be able to actually hoover up, so keep a closely on the capacity of the different models as you compare them. Be prepared to closely examine the manufacturers claims as to the capacity on the hoover that you like the look of and crosscheck it with other statistics and consumer reviews that you find online. This is also a difficult area to get precise figures on because of the different types of dust, rubbish and associated household detritus that a modern vacuum cleaner is capable of sucking up. Generally speaking: lookout for models that can cope with anywhere between 2 and 4-litres.

Other hoover options

Another purely practical point that many people often overlook when comparing vacuum cleaners is how much noise will be emitted when the cleaner is switched on and powered up. After all, even the best hoover will make some degree of noise and different models all have different operating levels. You’ll also want to consider the reach of the different hoovers that you are comparing, because there’s nothing worse than buying a new model then realising it can’t get where you want to clean.

Of course, all modern vacuum cleaners come with a host of accessories that can assist you in getting into those more difficult to hoover locations. Nevertheless, it’s also worth comparing the different reach specifications when doing a comparison of models before you buy. The more reach you can get is obviously better, so if you find a hoover that can allow you up to fifteen metres cleaning flexibility then you’ll have a model that sits at the top end of the vacuum cleaner reach table.

And those accessories will also add value and make life easier when you eventually decide on your next hoover too. There are all sorts of different attachments, hoses and brushes that come with many modern vacuum cleaners, so lookout for those as part of the package, especially if you’re going for cheap hoovers or those that are listed as special deals and best offers. While it is usually possible to buy vacuum cleaner accessories, it makes much more financial sense to get them as part of the package if you can find a suitable deal online. There are also added hoover incentives such as turbo brushes and the like that might also warrant further investigation as you compare the latest models.

Hoover specifics

Different cleaning jobs also require you to have a hoover that can get right to the root of the problem. So, when comparing different vacuum cleaner types, have a think about what will be the most common cleaning task that you’ll do with it. From there you can get an idea of if you think the cylinder vacuum cleaner or an upright hoover will fit the bill. There are also cordless vacuum cleaners for the ultimate in freedom and cleaning flexibility and also stick vacuum cleaners that can offer a quick and lightweight alternative to hoovering duties.

You may also find that one of the handheld vacuum cleaners that have become increasingly popular of late might actually fit the bill better than an upright or cylinder vacuum cleaner. In fact though, with the hoover market being such a competitive one at present, you may well find that you can compare cheap deals and offers on all of the different hoover types. If you’ve got a regular big cleaning job on your hands it may therefore be prudent to buy one of each, so you know that you’ve got a vacuum cleaner that can handle any kind of hoovering scenario.

Popular hoover brands

HooverNeedless to say, when you carry out your vacuum cleaner comparison you’ll find there are hoovers that are available at a whole spectrum of different prices and from manufactures from the likes of Miele, Dyson, Hoover and Vax amongst others. There are actually many different producers of these cleaning devices, including the namesake brand Hoover. Don’t forget that while some of the cheapest vacuum cleaners might look like a great deal or offer online, it’s also important to think about other factors rather than just the price tag.

For example, you may want to consider how much a more expensive hoover will be to run and maintain compared to the cheapest models on the market. You may opt to buy a bagless hoover, while some people prefer to go down the vacuum cleaner with a bag route instead. It’s also worth looking into any information about prospective vacuum cleaners you’re interested in and how they stack up when included in allergy testing and the like. After all, many people suffer from dust allergies, so any hoover that can possibly help alleviate any of those symptoms is well worth investigating.

Finally, if you’re just not all that keen on hoovering, no matter how healthy the vacuum cleaner budget you have available, then it may well be a better idea to compare the different robot hoovers that are on the market now. They used to be something of a high-tech pipe dream, but a search for these online will reveal that they are very much a part of todays house-cleaning process for many people.