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  • Bahco Gs-76 Grass Shear

    The Bahco GS-76 Grass Shears with hardened blades, which are carefully set for self-grindi... more
    £11.34 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Hedge Shears

    Complete your difficult outdoor tasks with ease with the Spear and Jackson Razorsharp hedg... more
    £18 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • Fiskars Classic Long Edge Shears

    Fiskars Classic Long Edge Shears
    £41.27 Free Delivery
  • Faithfull Tools Long Handled Border Shears

    Long Handled Border Shears with non-stick coated cutting blades to resist rust and reduce ... more
    £21.35 (+ £7.95 P&P)
  • Wilkinson Sword 1111137w Long Handled Lawn Trimming Shears

    Wilkinson Sword 1111137W Long Handled Lawn Shears are designed for cutting and trimming lo... more
    £22.79 Free Delivery
  • General Purpose Garden Shears With Ergonomic, Soft Grip Handles

    These classic garden shears are comfortable and easy to use, with soft grip ergonomic hand... more
    £9.50 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • Bulldog Evergreen Edging Shear

    The BUL7116 Evergreen Edging Shears are ideal for trimming lawn edges after mowing. Featur... more
    £26.32 (+ £7.95 P&P)
  • Fiskars Long Handled Garden Edging Shears

    These Fiskars long handled edging shears are ideal for keeping your lawn edges looking nea... more
    £30 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • Fiskars Long Handled Lawn Shear

    Make light work of creating a neatly trimmed lawn with this long handled lawn shear from F... more
    £30 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • Tesco Carbon Steel Bladed Edging Shears

    Tidy-up the lawn with these Tesco edging shears. Featuring a carbon steel blade with a bla... more
    £10 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • Kent & Stowe Garden Life General Purpose Hedge Shears

    The Kent & Stowe Garden Life General Purpose Hedge Shears are perfectly weighted, balanced... more
    £16.52 (+ £7.95 P&P)
  • Telescopic Garden Hedge Shears/scissors For Hedge, Grass, Bush And Tree Trimming

    The 20cm long wavy-shaped blades trap twigs and help with cutting, making these shears ide... more
    £16.95 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • Bulldog Evergreen Lawn Shear

    These lawn shears have lightweight tubular aluminium handles with comfortable soft feel gr... more
    £26.71 (+ £7.95 P&P)
  • 5 Piece Garden Tool Set

    our quality garden tool set from victor garden tools is a must for every gardener! compris... more
    £14.99 (+ £4.99 P&P)
  • Spear & Jackson Telescopic Garden Ratchet Anvil Lopper

    The telescopic ratchet anvil lopper from Spear and Jackson is perfect for pruning vines, t... more
    £27 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • Garden Bypass Secateurs With Ergonomic Grip For Hand Pruning

    These bypass secateurs work like a pair of scissors with the blades passing each other to ... more
    £4.75 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • Garden Bypass Secateurs With Soft Grip Handles For Hand Pruning

    Similar to the action of a pair of scissors, where the blades pass each other to make a cu... more
    £4.95 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • Burgon And Ball Brie Harrison Secateur And Holster Gardening Gift Set

    Stylish and ergonomic secateurs with a gorgeous waxed flower design canvas holster. Featur... more
    £20.99 Free Delivery
  • Bahco P16-50-f Traditional Loppers 500mm 30mm Capacity

    These Bahco Bypass loppers are ideal for pruning and training grape vines and fruit trees.... more
    £50.53 (+ £7.95 P&P)
  • Bahco P116-sl-60 Lopper 600mm 30mm Capacity

    These Bahco loppers are lighter in weight than most other loppers, making them ideal for u... more
    £52.11 (+ £7.95 P&P)

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