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Oven buyers’ guide


One of the most important electrical items you can have in the home is the oven and, thanks to this area being a very competitive part of the marketplace, you can get some of the best deals and offers in the UK with a simple but effective bit of comparison. However, when it comes to selecting the right product then there are also many different oven types to compare, from built-in ovens and double ovens to halogen ovens and built under ovens.

You can also decide to spend next to nothing on one of the cheap ovens that are on offer or push the boat out and opt for a state of the art high-end oven with all of the bells and whistles. Buying online in 2012 is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to guarantee that you not only find the right model to buy, but also ensures that you can spot the best deals and offers that might make your next oven purchase even more cost effective.

Alongside carrying out a comparison of these cheap deals and offers on ovens from all points of the electronics spectrum, it’s also a good idea to do some research on what other people are buying. One of the best ways of doing this is to also read up on reviews from fellow consumers, who will give you their thoughts on everything from a basic gas oven through to performance of a convection oven and onwards to the latest electric oven or gas hob.

What kind of oven?

After all, buying a new oven can be quite an involved process simply because there are so many different model types around. You also have to consider the surroundings in your kitchen too, which might only be designed to accept a certain type or design of oven. Some ovens are specifically made to be built-in as an integral component of a fitted kitchen. Meanwhile, other ovens can pretty much stand on their own and be an independent part of the furniture so to speak.

At the end of the day, buying an oven can be one of the most crucial pieces of electronic equipment in your house because it will provide you and your family with daily meals. Therefore, when buying one of the many ovens on the market, it’s critical to spend time looking at the many different types and also the feature set contained within each. Some ovens are truly basic, and will cook your meals and that’s that.

However, thanks to modern technology, other ovens employ all manner of sophisticated cooking techniques that enable you to get the best from whatever meal it is you’re cooking along with lots of tools and high-tech tricks for making sure that baking turns into a fine art and reheating pre-cooked food can also be better than ever. There are so many different oven controls on some of the more complex models that you’ll definitively need to read the reviews before you by to ensure that you’ll actually need this level of sophistication.

Different types of oven

When it comes to selecting oven types then there are numerous options that you may wish to compare and contrast before buying here in the UK. Starting from the basic considerations, you’ll want to look at deciding whether or not to buy a gas or electric oven, whether or not it will have a single or a double oven built into the design and then select from one of the many different manufacturers who produce these popular electronic items.

You’ll certainly have plenty of different manufacturers to choose from when you compare oven models and prices, with companies including AEG-Electrolux, Baumatic, Beko, Belling, Bosch, Delonghi, Electrolux, Fagor, Gorenje, Hotpoint, Indesit, John Lewis, Miele, Neff, New World, Siemens, Smeg, Stoves, Whirlpool or Zanussi all worth considering. Once you’ve got an idea of that little lot, you can also start pondering over the types of built-in oven that exist today.

In that respect, there are essentially four different variations on the oven theme, from the single gas type to double gas models, then single electric ovens and double electric variations too. Single and double electric ovens tend to be top of the tree in terms of sales currently although there are pros and cons for either gas or electric. It all depends on your needs, what you want to do with your oven and also how much you wish to spend.

Oven finer points

While some people might think that there’s not too much involved in selecting a new or replacement oven, this is actually an area that needs to have careful consideration, even once you’ve decided on the factors mentioned above. While buying an oven might not seem like a particularly complicated process, and it isn’t, getting the right oven by doing a careful comparison can ensure that you don’t spend more than you have to while also taking care that you get one that does everything you expect of it.

For example, many of us now live in rather small spaces, such as flats, which don’t always have the extra room that you might want for a top of the range oven. In that respect, it can often be a good idea to plump for the ever-popular electric single oven that can be built-in to the design of a fitted kitchen. You see these in many homes nowadays and that’s because they are simple but effective.

The great thing about electric single ovens is that they are very dependable when it comes to delivering an even temperature throughout the cooking process and they’re often designed with everything nicely integrated, so controls and features are all suitably lean and unobtrusive. Again, this is why they are so popular with people who have limited kitchen space at their disposal. What’s more, they can be installed in variety of positions, such as under a worktop or at eye-level and this end of the market is also well covered in terms of different models at all price points.

Double ovens

Meanwhile, you may find that you have a need for an electric double oven, and these are also hugely popular but are a little larger than single electric ovens. This is naturally because there is a pair of ovens inside the one design, so you’ll need to make sure that you compare different measurements and specifications with great care to be confident that your new oven purchase will actually fit the space that it’s designed for.

However, the electric double oven can be a real boon to people who need lots of oven functionality, and thanks to having two ovens on the go at any one time you can cook that much more and in a variety of cooking combinations. In fact, thanks to the even temperature that electric double ovens are capable of holding, they are well known for being a bakers best friend, as is the single electric oven, but with the double variant you can bake one thing and cook an evening meal all at the same time.

The additional appeal of double electric ovens is that they are generally more sophisticated devices than their single counterparts, with a larger array of controls and cooking options to choose from. At the same time the larger nature of double electric ovens means that they invariably have to be built into a kitchen in a specific way, usually at eye-level so you need to factor this point in when carrying out your comparison.

Going for a gas oven

Another very popular route to take when it comes to buying ovens is that of the gas models that range from cheap basic units through to premium models from some of the most prestigious brands in the oven building industry. Some people prefer to cook with gas and that’s the end of it, so if you’re of that persuasion then try taking a look at gas single ovens that provide a basic but compact way of cooking in the kitchen.

You can generally get these models so that they can be fitted into numerous different designs and layouts of kitchen, although you’ll need to ensure that you get a suitably qualified and certificated gas fitter to get one installed after you buy it. So be sure to read what’s on offers as part of the deals and offers that you’re looking at. You never know, that fitting process might be included as part of the package. With gas being cheaper currently than electricity, then you may also find this route is a more cost effective one.

ovenTaking that up another notch is comparing the many different gas double ovens that are also available in the electronics marketplace. If you compare these then you’ll find that they are capable of cooking large amounts of meals as well as allowing baking although, as is the case with single gas ovens, they are often trickier to use successfully for the latter task because they don’t seem to distribute heat quite as evenly around the oven as an electronic variant.

Nevertheless, if you love using gas and are prepared to get one installed by a qualified engineer then double gas ovens are also well worth considering, assuming your kitchen has the size and capacity for one.