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  • 5 star rating

    Tefal Pro Express Xpert Plus GV8976

    5 star rating
    Steam station, Self clean, 2400W
    £184.99 (+ £4.99 P&P)
    Save £115*
  • 4.5 star rating

    Tefal Ultimate Anti-Calc FV9630

    4.5 star rating
    Regular, Self clean, Automatic shutdown, 2600W
    £54.50 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • 4.5 star rating

    Philips Azur GC3810

    4.5 star rating
    Regular, 2400W
    £39.99 (+ £3.50 P&P)
  • 4.5 star rating

    Philips Azur Performer Plus GC4521

    4.5 star rating
    Regular, Self clean, Automatic shutdown, 2600W
    £44.99 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • Philips GC6630 Perfectcare Pressurised Steam Generator Iron

    Enjoy more quality time with your family by using the Philips SpeedCare Steam generator ir... more
    £99.99 (+ £1.00 P&P)
  • Tefal Ultragliss 4 Protect FV4970

    Regular, Automatic shutdown, 2500W
    £49.50 (+ £3.50 P&P)
  • Hoover TIF2601 Airflow Steam Iron

    AirFlow is a powerful and uniquely designed steam iron. With 2600w of power, AirFlow promi... more
    £39.99 (+ £1.00 P&P)
  • Tefal Ultimate FV9630 Steam Iron

    Enjoy faster, smoother ironing thanks to the Tefal FV9630. The Ultraglide sole plate and 2... more
    £54.50 Free Delivery
  • 4.5 star rating

    Tefal Pro Express Control GV8931

    4.5 star rating
    Steam station, Self clean, Automatic shutdown, 2200W
    £189 Free Delivery
    Save £60*
  • Morphy Richards 333020 Jet Steam 2200W Steam Generator

    Great for tackling large piles of washing without the hassle, this powerful steam generato... more
    £79.99 (+ £1.00 P&P)
  • Tefal Total Pro Express GV8962

    Steam station, Self clean, Automatic shutdown, 2400W
    £199 Free Delivery
    Save £50*
  • Swan 2200W Steam Iron

    A stainless steel soleplate ensures easier ironing and a removable 220ml water tank means ... more
    £16.99 (+ £1.00 P&P)
  • 4.5 star rating

    Tefal Effectis GV6720

    4.5 star rating
    Steam station, Automatic shutdown, 2200W
    £109.94 (+ £3.00 P&P)
    Save £20*
  • Philips GC7705 Fastcare Pressurised Steam Generator Iron

    The more steam, the faster the ironing! This Philips FastCare steam generator has a po... more
    £99.99 (+ £1.00 P&P)
  • 4.5 star rating

    Russell Hobbs Easy Store Plug & Wind 18617

    4.5 star rating
    Regular, Self clean, 2400W
    £24.50 (+ £3.00 P&P)
    Save 20%*
  • 5 star rating

    Morphy Richards 42244

    5 star rating
    Steam station, 2200W
    £86 Free Delivery
  • Philips GC2041 Easyspeed Plus Steam Iron

    Faster everyday ironing with 40g/min continuous steam and 130g steam boost for deep-set cr... more
    £32.99 (+ £1.00 P&P)
  • 4.5 star rating

    Braun TexStyle 7 TS745A

    4.5 star rating
    Regular, Automatic shutdown, 2400W
    £59.50 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • 4 star rating

    Philips GC6611

    4 star rating
    Steam station, 2400W
    £50 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • 4.5 star rating

    Philips GC3809

    4.5 star rating
    Regular, Self clean, 2400W
    £55.50 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • 4.5 star rating

    Tefal Freemove FV9965

    4.5 star rating
    Regular, Self clean, Automatic shutdown, Cordless, 2600W
    £66 (+ £3.00 P&P)
  • Russell Hobbs Steamglide 22470

    Travel, 760W
    £8.99 (+ £3.00 P&P)
    Save 10%*
  • 4.5 star rating

    Bosch TDA5070GB

    4.5 star rating
    Steam station, 3050W
    £65 (+ £3.00 P&P)
    Save 7%*
  • 4 star rating

    Braun TexStyle 7 TS755

    4 star rating
    Regular, 2400W
    £55 Free Delivery
    Save 21%*
  • 5 star rating

    Philips PerfectCare Elite GC9630

    5 star rating
    Steam station, Automatic shutdown, 2400W
    £279.99 Free Delivery
  • 1 star rating

    Bosch TDA2623GB

    1 star rating
    Regular, Self clean, 2000W
    £20.95 (+ £3.50 P&P)
  • Bosch TDA3021GB

    Regular, Self clean, 2800W
    £44.95 (+ £3.50 P&P)
  • Philips GC1436 Comfort Steam Iron

    This comfort steam iron makes your ironing easy and effective with continuous steam output... more
    £24.99 (+ £1.00 P&P)
  • Russell Hobbs 22501 Supreme Steam Iron

    The Russell Hobbs SupremeSteam 22501 offers a high performance specification for better ir... more
    £22.49 (+ £1.00 P&P)
  • Hoover IronSpeed SRD4108 Steam Generator Iron

    IronSpeed SRD4108 is designed to make your ironing so much quicker, garments professionall... more
    £229.99 (+ £1.00 P&P)
  • Russell Hobbs 21530 Extreme Glide Steam Iron

    The Russell Hobbs Extreme Glide offers the ultimate solution for usability. The Tourmaline... more
    £38.49 (+ £1.00 P&P)
  • Braun TS725 TexStyle 7 Steam Iron

    This premium iron from Braun offers powerful, responsive ironing at your fingertips for pr... more
    £59.95 Free Delivery
  • Rowenta DW5110 Focus Steam Iron

    Power through your ironing pile in next to no time with the Rowenta DW5110 Focus steam iro... more
    £59.95 Free Delivery
  • Russell Hobbs 22522 Auto Steam Pro-Ceramic Iron, Blue/White

    Work wonders on your laundry with the Russel Hobbs Steam Pro, an innovative design that de... more
    £24.96 (+ £3.50 P&P)
  • Tefal FV9970 Freemove Cordless Steam Iron

    Break free from the cord with Freemove by Tefal, the first powerful cordless iron design w... more
    £109.99 Free Delivery
  • Prym Mini Steam Iron

    An easy-to-use mobile miniature steam iron ideal for needlework, handicrafts and creativit... more
    £51 Free Delivery
  • AEG DB6120-U Steam Iron

    The AEG DB6120-U 2200W steam iron is a powerful appliance to have at your disposal to bani... more
    £79.95 Free Delivery
  • Swan 2400W Ceramic Iron

    A soleplate constructed from premium ceramics ensures unhindered gliding action across a h... more
    £19.99 (+ £1.00 P&P)
  • Russell Hobbs 21023 Colour Control Iron

    The Rusell Hobbs Colour Control Ultra iron features an easy temperature indicator - digita... more
    £59.99 (+ £1.00 P&P)
  • Bosch TDS6081GB Prohygenic Steam Station

    6 bar steam pressure, 2400W, EcoButton, TempOK technology, Advanced Steam System and Secur... more
    £295.99 (+ £1.00 P&P)

*Potential saving calculated by comparing the cheapest price with the most expensive

Crowdstorm’s steam irons buyer’s guide

Ironing. It’s one of those laborious tasks most of us loves to hate (unless you’re in the minority of odd people that finds it ‘relaxing’).But even if it’s not the most enjoyable household chore, getting a brand spanking new steam iron with all the latest features and mod cons will make smoothing those trousers and blouses all the more bearable.

At Crowdstorm we collect together all the best steam irons from the leading manufacturers, scouring your favourite online and high street retailers for the best deals in the process. We then collate them into a simple comparison table so that you can compare everything on the market to find your perfect iron at the best possible price.

But we don’t expect you to be a world-leading iron expert – hence the guide to buying steam irons below. It’s the kind of purchase you only make every now and again, so why would you be? Have a read below to see what features are right for you, compare above; then simply click through to buy.

Steam iron basics

Whether you’re looking for a cheap steam iron or a top of the range model, these are the basic considerations you need to consider before making your purchase:

  • Soleplate material: You’ll tend to find the best steam irons will have a stainless steel or ceramic plate, while you’ll also find aluminium and ‘non-stick’ models.
  • Weight, size and comfort: These are important considerations but can go overlooked, especially if you have a lot to iron. If you can’t get enough information online (and from reading steam iron reviews) you should go and experience the shape and weight in-store – then pop back to Crowdstorm to find the best bargains! And be careful of size – you don’t want to be buying a travel iron by accident!
  • Controls and programmes: You need to be sure your new steam iron has setting that suit the fabrics you’ll be ironing most – while also having controls that are easy to both read and adjust.

What are the best steam irons for me?

When it comes to steam irons the key is – you guessed it – the steam. You’ll find a range of different steam features available, depending on the quality and price of the iron, but here are the key steam features to look out for:

  • Vertical: This feature allows for steam to be released even when the iron is vertical, meaning you can smooth out curtains or clothes whilst they are still on a hanger. 
  • Variable: Allows you to adjust steam to the appropriate level for different fabrics. 
  • Spray: Lets you spray water onto clothing before ironing.
  • Shot/surge/burst: As the name would suggest, this setting allows you to use an extra powerful jet of steam on stubborn creases. 

Other steam iron features

Once you’ve settled on your steam iron basics, it’s time to start thinking about the bells and whistles. Here are some of the features may want to ignore – but not want to live without!

  • Cordless: These are more manoeuvrable, and so more comfortable and less fiddly to use – but you may well sacrifice quality for ease of use.
  • Cable length/retractability: Most irons have a three-metre cord but some do vary in length, so be sure you have one long enough to reach a socket where you like to iron. Some also have retractable cables for ease of storage.
  • Anti-drip valve: This feature makes sure the iron doesn’t stain clothes by dripping water.
  • Button rim: An edge around the iron that allows you to iron easily around buttons
  • Auto shut off: Safely cuts out your steam iron if it gets too hot or is left on without being used.
  • Continuous fill: This feature allows you to keep the iron on whilst you top up the water tank.
  • Anti-limescale: Prevents limescale build-up on your new steam iron.
  • Transparent reservoir: It can be very handy to see how much water you have left.
  • Removable reservoir: These are easier to fill and also don’t drip after you’ve filled them.

Steam generator irons

Steam generator irons produce a high volume of steam thanks to the separate water tank they have attached to them.

They’re speedier and more efficient, as well as being lighter to use thanks to the external water tank. On the downside, a steam generator iron is larger and more cumbersome than a regular steam iron, making it more difficult to store and less mobile.

On the downside, steam generator irons also tend to be on the costly side and some can take a little while to heat up; frustrating if you’re in a hurry. Check reviews to check on waiting times.

What next? Buying your iron

Now you know all you need to know about steam irons and steam generator irons, it’s time to use our comparison table above to find the perfect deal for you.

Once you’ve found your ideal steam iron, simply click on the deal you want to be taken directly to the official website of the high street or online retailer of your choice. Remember, Crowdstorm isn’t a retailer – we simply help you compare all the best products in one simple place.

We make our money from advertising, not you, so its win-win! The only downside is you’ll have no more excuses to ignore that pile of creased shirts…