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TV – a buyers’ guide

If you’re on the lookout for the best deals and offers on everything from cheap TVs through to premium models then carrying out a careful comparison before you buy one here in the UK is a vital requirement. After all, there are countless different television models to choose from and the range seems to be growing almost by the day. If you spend a little time reading reviews, then compare the sort of prices you’ll be expected to pay and also look out for the cheapest deals then you should be able to get yourself the right model for the right amount of money.

But where do you start when it comes to buying TVs? We all tend to have different uses for televisions, with the living room being home to most of the big screens that we’ve become accustomed to. However, nowadays it’s pretty common for households to have a TV in nearly every room in the house, or at least in bedrooms and perhaps the kitchen too. In that respect, you may well be looking out for a cheap TV that will suit that task or, alternatively, you may want the best TV deals that are currently on offer in order to replace the main goggle box in your lounge.

Cheap televisions are obviously plentiful and come in a whole array of different packages, but getting the best TV deals isn’t always based solely around the price point. Cheap TV deals might look good if you simply focus on the headline price, but you’ll want to be sure that the telly does what you want it to do. Many TV sets right now come with a whole variety of extra functions that will make them a little more future proof than buying a model in a TV sale that simply comes with a bargain-basement price tag.

Which TV should I buy?

The first thing to do when considering your next television purchase is to decide what TV you want for your requirements. Naturally, you’ll need to factor in the sort of money you wish to spend on the device too and, depending on which TV you decide to go for, what sort of supporting electronic goodies you’ll need too, such as speaker systems that can transform your television into a veritable home entertainments system. Some of the best TV deals might actually come with all of those goodies thrown in for good measure, while other models might need you to buy those elements separately.

Of course, if you’re just looking for cheap TV deals then all that extra stuff might not necessarily be needed, although it’s often well worth looking out for added extras when you’re doing your general comparison of the different deals and offers that are currently available. You may well find that one model in a range is part of a TV sale, perhaps because it’s an outgoing design or part of some kind of clearance. It’s just these sorts of TV deals that can be a great way of securing a reasonably decent model, even if it might not be the latest edition to the range from a TV manufacturer.

Needless to say, TVs also come and go all the time, and with technology changing by the minute, then it’s possible that what might seem like a great idea when you read up on the latest TV reviews may well have become old hat in a matter of months. Luckily, at the end of the day, you’re always going to be able to watch TV on a set, but some of the other bells and whistles that emerge on fangled new devices aren’t always cool to have. On the other hand, you might want to investigate the appeal of 3D TV models that can take your viewing time into a whole new dimension. Then the other key factor for many people is the size of the TV you’re going to buy, because this is another area that has expanded rapidly in recent times.

TV and the technical stuff

If you’re trying to decide which TV to buy then, even if you’re familiar with the different products you pick for your comparison, there can be quite a lot of jargon to rummage through. Above all though, the main thing is to select a television that is going to be good on your eyes as picture quality is what it’s all about, closely followed by audio quality, so try reading up on some TV reviews for starters. The rest of the features follow on from that, depending on the type of prices you’re looking at. In this day and age of HD, or High-Definition TVs, everybody expects a decent quality picture and while there used to be endless debate over whether a Plasma or LCD screen was best, now most tellies can get the job done nicely.

This is mainly because compared to the old Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) screens, todays TVs feature much sharper pictures, offer a lot less reflection and also deliver better viewing angles than the smaller areas that you got on those old TV screens. What’s more, the modern design of TVs means that they’re flatter, slimmer and more ergonomically friendly than the huge boxes that old style televisions used to be. That means you can mount them on a desktop or put them on the wall via a special wall mounting. If you buy a cheap TV that has got a ‘PC into’ socket you can even use it as a computer monitor.

So, with most TVs these days offering you a good quality picture and a pleasing design, you can then start picking through the different model types. The bonus of a Plasma screen TV is that there are models that come in a whole array of different screen sizes. You’ll also find that they deliver high contrast ratios and give a much deeper black, producing much more lifelike picture quality. You’ll certainly see the difference in colour accuracy and saturation if you’ve currently got an older style television. If you tend to like fast-paced action movies and sports, then this Plasma style TV will also offer excellent motion tracking, with minimal picture lag.

But what about LCD or LED TV?

Yes, there’s plenty going on with both LCD or LED TV deals and offers to tempt you down that route too. The bonus points with LCD TV’s is that you can get them in a whole array of different screen sizes plus they can be very bright too, meaning that they may made a good choice for keeping in less well lit rooms. You’ll often find that the cheap TV deals offer LCD screens because they are generally cheaper than buying a Plasma model. They also run at a cooler temperature too, which if you live in a very small area can make a difference if you spend long hours in front of the box enjoying your favourite TV programmes, DVDs, Blu-ray discs and good old videos.

Let’s not forget the humble LED TV though, and there are similarly plentiful amounts of cheap deals and offers on these sets too. There are plenty of plus points with the LED TV, including the fact that they’re surprisingly energy efficient, they come in some really thin designs that can be a real boon if you’re pushed for space or want to wall mount them. LED TVs are also light in weight generally speaking too, while the colour and quality of the picture is often excellent. In fact, check out the LED TV deals and see out how much the blacks in the picture shine through compared to LCD TVs.

Needless to say, which model you pick to buy will be down to personal preference and factors such as budget and the space you have to put it in. If you’ve been used opt a traditional CRT screen then any of the Plasma TV’s, LCD TV’s or LED TV’s will seem like a drastic improvement. Remember that HD TV offers high-definition viewing and can include both LCD and Plasma in the model ranges when you’re comparing deals and offers. Plasma TV’s deliver completely flat pictures, with screens just a few centimetres thick and because of the flatness, allow viewing from a wider range of angles. Some LCD screens, meanwhile, offer higher resolution images than some Plasma sets, and these too can be viewed from wide angles although you may witness a slight loss of clarity in some cases.

Do I need HD TV?

During the course of your search for TV deals and offers you’ll find that HD or High-Definition crops up quite a lot and both LCD and Plasma TVs can be HD TV-ready. Add this extra quality to the overall audio and visual specification of the televisions you’re comparing and you’ll soon be able to get a better idea of what’s going to be best for your budget. Whatever the choice, you should be able to enjoy a widescreen aspect ratio compared to older TVs; there’ll probably be the capacity for hanging your TV on the wall as well as mounting it on a table or desktop. What’s more, scan lines don’t hamper LCD and Plasma TVs across the screen as per old-style tellies. Plasma and LCD models also deliver less reflection and, in most cases now, a totally flat screen too.