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Buyers' Guide: Wine Coolers

Is there anything worse than reaching for a nice, chilled beer or glass of wine on a warm day only to  find it’s warm? Yuck!

They may not appear to be a necessity but wine coolers are great if you’re a vino connoisseur (or, like us, you just like a glass or six at the end of a busy week). And if you’re partial to hosting dinner parties or gatherings a wine cooler is an absolute essential for showing off your impressive stash – and keeping the drinks chilled, of course.

Wine coolers are designed to keep alcoholic – and not alcoholic – beverages chilled and in a convenient place.

Wine cooler size

Will you be using your wine cooler for standard bottles of vino or will you be looking to store other drinks such as cans, magnums or champagne bottles? Consider the measurements before committing to buy.

Wine cooler shape

What shape wine cooler would work best in your kitchen? Perhaps you have space under a counter, in which case a shorter but wider built in wine cooler would be the best model for your needs.

If you’re lacking in floor space you may find the best option for you is a wine chiller that’s freestanding, tall and thin. Whatever shape you go for you’re guaranteed to find your ideal model over on our shopping pages.

Your online shopping budget

Budget is an important factor in your decision-making. Before beginning to compare prices and models be sure to narrow down your options by settling on a minimum and maximum budget. This way you’re less likely go over budget and lose sight of what you’re looking for.

Here at Crowdstorm we have everything from cheap wine coolers to deluxe designer models so you’re guaranteed to find one to suit your budget.

Wine cooler noise

Some wine coolers can make a slight noise and this can be a hindrance if you live in a small household or have an open plan arrangement. Wine cooler reviews should let you know how your shortlisted model compares with others. 

Wine cooler features

Most manufacturers produce wine coolers with a two-zone feature, which means you can keep your red wines at optimum temperature whilst your rose and white vinos chill right next door!

Be sure to check out the storage and shelving within your wine cooler fridge and read some wine cooler reviews before settling on your purchase. These can let you know how others got along with their new wine chiller so you can make sure you’re getting the best model for you. Ease of storage and accessibility may be an afterthought but they’re factors that are really important – you’ll thank us later!

Here’s some other features you may find handy:

  • LCD display
  • Digital controls
  • Inside light
  • Water bins to prevent labels and corks drying out
  • Integrated locks
  • Tinted glass doors
  • Finish – marble, glass, plastic, wood, stainless steel.

What now?

Well, you’re totally clued up on wine coolers and the essential features you should look out for so now you’re ready to go bargain hunting.

Head over to our shopping and comparison pages where we’ve whittled down the best selection of wine coolers the UK has to offer to bring you an edited selection that’s guaranteed to include your perfect match.

Narrow down your search by using the filters to the left on the search page and scouring wine cooler reviews before you buy.

Once you’ve found a deal that takes your fancy click the offer and you’ll be transferred to the website of your selected independent retailer. Now you can either simply click and buy or continue to compare features., prices and styles.

Happy vino sipping – save one for us!