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Crowdstorm’s sandwich maker buyer’s guide

If you’re a fan of the sandwich maker, you’ve got 70s Breville designer John O’Brian to thank. But like all good designs, the original has spawned a thousand copies and we’re here to help you wade through the myriad of toast-making alternatives.

At Crowdstorm we gather together all the best bargains from the most popular online and high street retailers in the UK. Once you’ve done your research below and read all the sandwich maker reviews you need, you can use our simple comparison table above to find the perfect offer for you.

Sandwich toasters vs grills and presses

Sandwich makers and grills work in the same way; allowing you to enclose your food between two hotplates to create an even browning on both sides at once. The main difference is that a toasted sandwich maker has specific compartments/trays for sandwiches and seals the edges so that (in theory!) the filling doesn’t escape.

A grill (such as a George Foreman) or panini press also has two hot plates but they don’t always envelope the food. This makes them easier to clean and also allows you to heat non-standard shapes of bread, as well as other foods (burgers, chicken etc). Grills also tend to be more expensive, but can definitely be worth it for their versatility.

Better still, some models now have removable plates that allow your sandwich maker to be instantly transformed into a panini or standard grill – or even waffles (great, now I’m getting hungry!).

Sandwich makers: key features

The simplest of simple sandwich makers simply plug in and go: all you need do is sporadically open the lid to see if your toastie is sufficiently browned to your liking. But this rather primitive approach has been overtaken by a string of more deluxe sandwich toasters with an array of advanced options:

  • Non-stick plates: Good for cleaning, but even better for ensuring your toasted sandwich comes out in one piece
  • Plate material: You’ll find cheaper sandwich maker models use cast iron, while the better models use aluminium or Teflon
  • Cool exterior: this will make sure that you won’t burn yourself on the outside of the sandwich maker – especially useful if you have children
  • Handle material: While a plastic handle may seem more sensible on a device that gets hot for a living, they can be prone to break: you tend to be better off with a steel handle
  • Heating light: Lets you know the plates are hot enough to cook
  • Timer: As you may have guessed – lets you know your toastie is ready!
  • Removable plates: Perfect for easy cleaning
  • Lockable lid: Not only is this useful during cooking, but also for storage (it won’t spring open if stored sideways)

Other toasted sandwich maker considerations

Snack makers are becoming increasingly possible, taking the removable plate to the next level. As well as toasties you can often switch in plates to make waffles, paninis or more. While you still get the benefit of easier cleaning.   

Sandwich makers come in a whole host of sizes, from cheap sandwich makers that hold just one sandwich to those which can make three or more at once. Larger models not only take up more space but will also use more electricity (thanks to a higher wattage), so try and buy a toaster that fits your needs.

Sandwich toaster prices can vary considerably too, with cheap models at below £10 sitting alongside models that cost around £100. Less money will usually get you a smaller toaster with less features, but that’s not always a bad thing: good companies such as Breville, Russell Hobbs and Cuisinart make budget models you can trust.

Style can also be a consideration. While many people choose to pack their toasted sandwich makers away when they’re not in use, some of the modern designs are super stylish if you search around you’ll even find a few that step outside the standard silver and black colour schemes.

Buying the best sandwich toaster: How to buy

Once you’ve used this guide to narrow your search and used the comparison table above to find the perfect sandwich maker deal for you, our job at Crowdstorm is nearly done. 

All you need to do next is click through to the offer of your choice. 

You’ll be taken directly to the correct page on the retailer of your choice’s website, where you complete your purchase directly with them. 

Remember that Crowdstorm isn’t a retailer – we just set you up with the deals you need with your favourite stores, while making our own money through advertising (not by charging you any commission). Good luck – and happy grilling!