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Buyer's guide to bread makers

Bread makerIf you love a nice thick slice of warm fresh bread whenever it takes your fancy, then the humble bread maker is the way to go. 

Thanks to increased demand for eating healthy food with clearly defined origins, there are more bread makers to choose from than ever before - and at Crowdstorm we're happy to help walk you through the comparison process.

Bread makers come in all shapes, sizes and configurations, while manufacturers include household names such as Panasonic, Morphy Richards and Kenwood. 

We'll first walk you the basics which will help you compare models - then walk you through our simple buying process that will see you buying direct from your favourite online or high street retailer. 

What makes for the best bread maker?

A seemingly obvious answer in that your shiny new bread maker will deliver freshly-baked loaves for sure, but the models in production today can also deliver rolls, buns, baps and all manner of other bread-based treats. They can do more than that too though, allowing dough to be produced and, in some models, jams too.

Your bread maker checklist should include at least a few of the following:

  • What can you bake with it?
  • How much bread can you bake?
  • Can you make different sized bread?
  • Can you just mix dough with it?
  • Can it mix pasta dough and mix cakes?
  • Does it have a flexible timer?
  • Is there a delay timer?

Bread makerWhich bread maker do I choose?

Buying the right model of bread maker can transform the way you cook in the kitchen because today’s models are wonderfully easy to use, and can often carry out a multitude of other chores, such as making pizza dough.

They can also allow you to customise your loaf-making activities with add-on features, such as allowing you to dispense nuts and raisins into your next healthy creation.

However, when carrying out a comparison of features, you’ll want to tick off at least a few of the following on top of the points raised earlier:


  • Is it easy to keep clean?
  • Does it have a viewing window?
  • How big is the unit itself?
  • What is the weight of it?
  • What are the dimensions?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Is it energy efficient?

When you click through from Crowdstorm to a particular product, you'll find yourself on the website of your chosen retailer. There you'll find bread maker reviews from customers who have also bought that particular model, so it's well worth giving them a skim through.

Do remember though, more people go onto websites to complain than they do to praise! Look carefully at the reasons for any low scores - it could be the retailer they are complaining about, not the product. Also, if you see some low scores for cheap bread makers it can simply be that the buyers had too high an expectation of a budget product: weigh these points carefully.  

Ready to buy your bread maker?

Bread makerWhen you’re all done with carrying out your comparison and have also read a fair share of consumer reviews of your preferred products too, you can go straight ahead and order. 

It couldn’t be easier either, because all you need to do is click on the link that you have selected and you’ll be taken to the official website of the retailer of your choice.

From there it's just a case of completing your purchase as normal. Remember: Crowdstorm isn't a retailer and once you click away from our site our job is done - we make our money from advertising, not from your purchases, so we don't charge you any kind of commission. Happy baking!