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Crowdstorm fitness

Let’s face it – the gym isn’t for everyone. Whether it’s the price, body confidence, the inconvenience, the poseurs or the terrible music; many of us would simply prefer to exercise elsewhere. Equally running, rowing and cycling outdoors have drawbacks you might want to avoid – but it’s no excuse to avoid exercise completely!

Here at Crowdstorm we’ve collated all the best online deals on fitness equipment, from the biggest manufacturers and most trusted high street and online stores. We’ve grouped them by type and ordered them in comparison tables for your convenience, along with a number of filters to help you narrow your search (price, keyword etc). Here are some of the key categories.

Rowing machines

When buying a rowing machine, the key factors are usually space and weight. Folding rowing machines are more convenient than fixed models, but tend to be less durable. Similarly, hydraulic models are lighter weight and easier to store, but if you’re serious about your rowing you’re going to want to opt for the more expensive magnetic rowing machines – light and quiet, but pricey. Alternatives are air machines (solid, but loud) and water models (great resistance, but heavy).

Running machines and treadmills

If you’re looking for a home treadmill you really need to do some comparison – prices range from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds in the UK! Once again, folding treadmills won’t have the durability of their fixed cousins but are clearly easier to store if you’re a little stuck for space. For running you’ll want it to manage at least 1.5hp and be capable of 8mph (jogging) or 10mph (running). To check volume and belt size we’d suggest giving some running machines a test run – then coming back online to grab the best bargains!

Exercise bikes

You’ve got three main choices when it comes to exercise bikes: upright (the most common), recumbent (more horizontal, with great lumbar support) and indoor club cycles (the closest you’ll get to real road racing). Most people will end up with an upright exercise bike, as they’re both cheapest and versatile. Make sure the exercise bike you choose has enough resistance levels to meet your needs, while you may want to pay a little extra to ensure it has workout programmes you can follow and progress through over time.

Cross trainers

As with all fitness equipment, the less you pay the more you trade in – namely here durability and stride length. You can grab a home cross trainer for just a few hundred pounds, but if you’re serious and experienced you’ll want to spent closer to £1,000. Alongside longer strides (which means a better work out) the more expensive models will also give you a smoother stride path, as well as improved incline features and the durability you’ll need from regular use. Remember than a cross trainer with ‘manual’ incline will need to be set before your workout, while power assisted models can be changed from the console as desired.

Multi gyms

If you want to weight train on your own, a multi gym is the way to go. The more you’re willing to pay the more weight variety and work out options. Cheaper options may also limit the areas you can work out, or have a fixed seat height. As you pay more you’ll start to see adjustable pressing stations, preacher pads and the rest – it all comes down to what you need now, and just as importantly what you intend to commit to. You’ll need a multi gym that’s going to keep up with you as you get more serious about your lifting.

More fitness options

As you’ll see above we have plenty more fitness categories – from Fitbit activity trackers and heart rate monitors through to punch bags and weights. Whichever way you choose to get fit, remember to let Crowdstorm take the strain of the shopping process so you don’t have to! If what you want isn’t listed as a category above, why not try our search function at the top of the page? Just type in a keyword to search the thousands of products we make available through Crowdstorm every day.