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  • FELLOWES Powershred M-8C Cross Cut Paper Shredder

    Keep your personal papers safe from prying eyes and ensure your data is destroyed effectiv... more
    £42.99 Free Delivery
  • REXEL Auto+ 300X Cross Cut Shredder

    Top features: - Cuts paper into confetti sized pieces for extra security - Shred credit ca... more
    £449.99 Free Delivery
  • FELLOWES Powershred 36C Cross Cut Paper Shredder

    Dispose of your personal files safely with a Fellowes Powershred 36C Cross Cut Paper Shred... more
    £29.99 Free Delivery
  • FELLOWES Powershred 62MC Micro Cut Paper Shredder

    Don't let your confidential documents fall into the wrong hands - ensure they are securely... more
    £149.99 Free Delivery
  • REXEL Auto+ 60X Cross Cut Paper Shredder

    Shred your sensitive documents quickly, securely and safely with the Rexel Auto+ 60X Cross... more
    £109.99 Free Delivery
  • REXEL Prostyle Cross Cut Paper Shredder

    Rexel's Prostyle Cross Cut Paper Shredder efficiently shreds up to 11 sheets of paper at a... more
    £69.98 Free Delivery
  • FELLOWES Powershred 60CS Cross Cut Paper Shredder

    Use the Fellowes Powershred 60CS Cross Cut Paper Shredder for your home shredding needs. S... more
    £79.99 Free Delivery
  • REXEL 2101948 Shredder Oil Sheets

    To maintain high performance levels, ensure your shredder is always well lubricated with t... more
    £12.99 Free Delivery
  • FELLOWES Powershred 8MC Micro Cut Paper Shredder

    Destroy unwanted data effectively with the Powershred 8MC Micro Cut Paper Shredder. Powers... more
    £59.98 Free Delivery
  • REXEL Style Plus Cross Cut Paper Shredder

    Rexel's Style Plus Paper Cross Cut Shredder will ensure that important documents don't fal... more
    £54.99 Free Delivery
  • REXEL Style Cross Cut Paper Shredder

    This Rexel Style Cross Cut Paper Shredder features a compact design which is ideal for use... more
    £39.99 Free Delivery
  • REXEL Alpha Strip Cut Paper Shredder

    Help safeguard against identity fraud with the Rexel Alpha Strip Cut Paper Shredder.Simple... more
    £20.99 Free Delivery
  • Intimus Pro 175 CC4 Cross shredding 52dB Grey paper shredder

    Our class winner. Sophisticated, low-noise technology. Large collecting bin in a dustproof... more
    £3073.31 Free Delivery
  • Fellowes Powershred 225i Strip shredding Black,Grey paper shredder

    - 100% Jam Proof system eliminates paper jams and powers through tough jobs. - Shreds 20 s... more
    £439.21 Free Delivery
  • Fellowes Shredder Oil

    - Conditions cutters to extend the life of your shredder - Plastic squeeze bottle with ext... more
    £15.86 Free Delivery
  • Fellowes Powershred 70S Strip shredding Black,Grey paper shredder

    - Ideal for moderate use for the home or home office. - Shreds 14 sheets per pass into 5.8... more
    £142.76 Free Delivery
  • Rexel Prostyle+ 12 Cross Cut Shredder

    Designed for personal use, the stylish and compact Prostyle+ 12 shredder provides sufficie... more
    £94.69 Free Delivery
  • Fellowes 425i Strip shredding Black paper shredder

    - Ideal for commercial office environments with 10+ users - Shreds 38-40 sheets paper per ... more
    £1224.83 Free Delivery
  • Intimus Pro 175 CC3 Cross shredding 52dB 405mm Grey paper shredder

    Our class winner. Sophisticated, low-noise technology. Large collecting bin in a dustproof... more
    £2902.58 Free Delivery
  • Intimus Pro 120 SC2 57dB paper shredder

    The multi functional shredder destroys paper, cds, dvds, floppy disks, staples, paper clip... more
    £1127.40 Free Delivery

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The Crowdstorm buyers guide for shredders

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of reducing your monthly credit card bill to a pile of dust (well, almost) with a paper shredder. And we all know shredding paper documents is the best way to keep our personal information safe and secure. But how do you go about choosing the right model, whether you’re looking for an office paper shredder for your business or a personal model for at-home use?

Well don’t worry – at Crowdstorm, we’ve got you covered. The buyers’ guide below will walk you through the essential considerations you need to think about before choosing your perfect shredder; then the comparison table above will let you find your ideal model.

We scour the web to find all the best deals and offers on the leading brands, all available from your most trusted online and high street retailers. So whether you’re looking for a cheap shredder, or a top-of-the-range Fellowes Powershred, we’re here to help.

What’s the best paper shredder cut style?

Let’s start with the basics. There are three main types of shredder:

  • Strip cut shredder: These models shred paper into thin strips
  • Cross cut shredder: These horizontally and vertically to create confetti
  • Micro cut shredder: These shred paper into the smallest pieces (as little as 3x8mm)

As you’d expect, a cross cut shredder is more effective than a strip cut shredder if you’re really worried about security; it shreds paper into tiny bits, making it much more difficult to tape the pieces back together. Cross cut shredders may cost a little more that strip cut shredders but they’ll be a worthwhile investment, giving you extra peace of mind that your personal information is safe.

But if you want to take things one step further, micro cut paper shredders are the safest and most effective models. They shred paper into tiny little pieces making it a hugely arduous, and nigh on impossible, task to recreate a page or document.

More paper shredder basics

Capacity: The capacity of your shredder can be another important feature to look out for when comparing models and brands. Cheap paper shredders will usually only be able to shred one or a few pieces of paper at a time.

Invest a little more and you’ll find models that shred multiple documents in one go. Consider your needs; after a home-use shredder? A cheaper model will probably suffice. Looking for an office shredder? Go for a heavy-duty model and your staff will thank you!

Bear in mind that descriptions such as ‘heavy duty’ and ‘light duty’ differ between brands. Read paper shredder reviews to get an impartial view on the real capacity of selected shredders. Also, if you’re likely to be shredding credit cards and/or CDs and DVDs make sure your selected shredder is able to handle items of this kind.

Power: Power ratings for paper shredders come in the form of horsepower. This indicates the capacity and durability of a shredder. The higher the horsepower the more your shredder will be able to shred.

Extra paper shredder features

Once you’ve settled on the type, capacity and power rating it’s time to look into those little extras that make the best models stand out. You may be able to ignore these – every extra is adding cost, after all. But it’s definitely worth considering the following before you make your decision:

  • Safety features:look for features such as touch sensors, which will make the shredder cut out if it senses anything touching the paper feed
  • Auto function:These shredders will start automatically when they senses paper entering the top of the feed
  • Reverse setting:This is a great feature for clearing paper jams
  • Auto feed:This allows you to place documents in a tray to be shredded automatically, so is perfect for larger jobs
  • DVD slot:If you think you’ll need to shred thicker items such as CDs and DVDs, this feature is a must
  • Indicators:LED indicators let you know if there’s a paper jam or the unit has overheated

I’ve found the best shredder: What next?

Hopefully you’re now ready to make an informed choice and pick up your perfect paper shredder. We’ve scoured the web to find the best prices and deals on paper shredders from all the best manufacturers – and all available directly from your favourite retailers.

Remember, Crowdstorm isn’t a retailer: we make our money from advertising, which allows us to collate all this information for you for free: win-win! When you click through to a deal from the comparison table above you’ll be taken directly to the correct page to buy with the retailer of your choice. 

Happy shredding!