BenQ Full HD Gaming Projector Projector - White

BenQ Full HD Gaming Projector Projector - White

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Free Yourself in Your World
Flat screens are totally outplayed by gigantic projected images in Full HD 1080p. Plug in your projector to throw life-sized hadouken in Street Fighter and score elite multikills in panoramic battle maps. Free yourself from boring reality. TH585 is overpowered with low input lag for real-time gaming thrills. Stunning graphics in Game Mode and 3500 lumens of ultra brightness deliver intense action even in daylight. Invite your friends and get in a huge game unlike youve ever seen.

Low Input Lag Matters in Gaming
Slow input lag is like bad lip-sync. It can turn that close game of NBA Live into a frustrating controller-chucking experience. The good news is that TH585 brings 16ms response time for smooth gameplay letting you interact in virtual real-time perfect for fast-paced sports reaction-critical shooters and timing-dependent battle arenas.

Exclusive Game Mode to Blow Past All Levels
TH585s Game Mode fine-tunes all images enhancing dark and shadowy scenes with greater clarity and visual precision helping you level up by spotting campers and finding every hidden secret in RPGs.

Take Your Gaming to the Next Level
Today's games are immersive experiences with production levels that rival Hollywood blockbusters and TH585 is your best companion in gaming. Whether youre the hero in RPGs the racer in sports games or a teammate in co-op games TH585 immerses you fully in the game.

Awesome Lights-On Party Ideas
Invite your best friends to watch shows movies and sports events or play party games. TH585s 3500 lumens of high brightness Full HD 1080p image quality vivid 95% Rec.709 color and clear built-in 10-watt speaker come up huge every time. TH585s LampSave Mode also extends lamp life up to 15000 hours for intense gaming until next-gen consoles arrive.
*Based on 4 hours average daily use 15000 hours translates to 10 years of enjoyment and savings.

Turn Any Space into Your Private Arena
Dont just play games in your room. TH585 sets up in seconds to turn any space into your own private e-sports arena.

1.1X Zoom for Flexible Throw Distances
TH585 maximize available space with a range of throw distances for big-screen entertainment in tight quarters.

Digital Len Shift for Variable Projection Heights
TH585s digital vertical lens shift fits perfectly into any room with a dynamic range of projection heights.

Auto Vertical Keystone for Perfect Alignment
Vertical keystone adjusts the image for a professionally squared image making it simple to project ideally aligned images from a variety of locations.


  • Size: (h)110 X (w)312 X (d)225
  • Colour: White