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Tell me all about Crowdstorm

  • What is Crowdstorm?

    Crowdstorm is an extremely popular shopping recommendation website which has been online since 2007 and is used by more than 300,000 people every month to find the best online prices for a whole load of consumer goods (from laptops to golf clubs to fashion and jewellery). We're not a retailer. That is, we don't actually sell anything ourselves: what we do is bring together tonnes of price and product data so that you can very quickly find the best price for any product on the site. People love price comparison because it saves everyone lots and lots of precious time and money.

  • What about social shopping?

    Crowdstorm is aiming to become much, much more than just a great price comparison website. We want to create a social shopping experience where you can not only ask "Where's the cheapest place to buy this lightweight tent (or tablet PC, etc...)?" but, importantly, "Which is the best lightweight tent in the first place?". When people buy using Crowdstorm, we want to know how they got on with that product. We want to find experts in all areas of shopping who can recommend the best products from any particular category or range. We want shoppers to be able to ask questions before they buy to experts and to people who have actually used the product. We want social shopping. We want to ask the Crowd.

  • Is Crowdstorm free to use?

    Crowdstorm is completely free to use for shoppers. We make money, like any price comparison website, by charging sellers to list their products on Crowdstorm. As long as enough people use Crowdstorm then sellers will continue to list their products. If we can attract an even bigger crowd of users then we'll attract even more sellers and even better deals.

  • Why should I join the Crowd?

    You're perfectly welcome to use Crowdstorm for free without joining. But we would love you to join because the more members in the Crowd the more recommendations we'll be able to draw on and the better the social shopping experience will be. We'll also be able to harness the group buying power of the Crowd to negotiate exclusive one-off deals, which everyone loves, right? Once you've joined the Crowd you can be as proactive as you like: we'd love you to become an expert on topics that you know all about (be it golf clubs or laptops), and we'd love you to review products you buy to help others - but if you just want to read and follow that's just fine too. The only thing we ask - in the interests of fairness - is that you answer as many questions as you ask. Remember that the people who answer your questions are doing so just to help you, so it's really important to give back too.